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Wednesday, 08 April 2015 15:16

Take Control

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In the palm of your handsA membership with the Rocky Mountain Taekwon-Do Alliance (RMTA) guarantees that control of your destiny stays in your hands.

While traditional martial arts organizations retain control of organizational standards, certification events, seminars and events, the Rocky Mountain Taekwon-Do Alliance enables its members to achieve control.


The framework of the Alliance is very clear, in that the Alliance does not do any of the following:

No Interference with Member Schools, Affiliate Schools/Organizations

The Alliance does not interfere in how an Alliance member school or affiliate organization conducts its own business. The schools and/or organizations that join the Alliance have invested their own resources and energy to their schools and businesses.

The mission of the Alliance is to provide support to its members through its services and tools and be involved in controlling its members individual desires, goals or actions.

The Alliance offers an opportunity to participate in an open environment to share together Taekwon-Do activities, events, training and fellowship.

Voluntary Membership

The Alliance does not require or place controls around any member, member school or affiliate member/organization what they can or cannot do or who they choose to associate with.

Freedom of choice is the sole discretion of Alliance members and affiliates.

The Alliance does not impart restrictive policy or requirement upon its members or affiliates who may desire to belong to other organizations, schools or clubs.
Membership plans are available for personal choice dependent upon the depth of service that benefits the individual member, school or affiliate.

Enhanced Privilege and Abilities

The Alliance extends to its certified members the ability to conduct, develop and promote events within the Alliance framework.

Once certification is received, the certified member can now become the certified authority with the same rights and privileges of the originator.

Certified instructors are encouraged to participate in year seminars to stay abreast of current standards and guidelines.

“Pay for Performance”

The Alliance does not demand or command a primary share of revenue from member schools conducting seminars, testings or Alliance certification events.

Profit from said events is due to the event coordinator or promoter. The Alliance requests a marginal share from Alliance certification events to fully support certification generation, management, and overall program maintenance for the framework.

Cloud-based business tools enable streamlined automation of Alliance business activities that enhance overall service value of the Alliance to it members and members schools.

The Alliance Vision

The mission of the Alliance is set to enable growth of its members, member schools and affiliates through an open, standards-based environment that extends privilege and authority to its members for the purpose of spreading Taekwon-Do growth and vision as left by the legacy of its founder, General Choi Hong Hi.


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