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Trinity Taekwon-Do LogoTrinity Taekwon-Do is the the founding school or the Rocky Mountain Taekwon-Do Alliance.

With the guidance of Senior Master Robert M. Neidig (VIII), Master Pamela M. Neidig (VII) and Master Charles F. Avila (VII), Trinity provides Taekwon-Do instruction to people of all ages ( 3 - 70 years) with diverse programs for tots, children and adults.



As a Taekwon-Do School we maintain the following Goals and Values:

Trinity Taekwon-Do : Goals and Values

  • Promote and Instruct Taekwon-Do to anyone, anytime, anywhere.
  • Build student’s Mind, Body and Spirit through positive influences and strong role models.
  • Develop and shape Student’s character through Taekwon-Do.
  • Provide a safe and conscientious environment for learning.
  • Offer quality instruction at an affordable cost.