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Core Values and Principles

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Core Values and Principles

The Rocky Mountain Taekwon-Do Alliance is founded in delivery of enhanced tools and services to its members.

Core Values and Principles

The following objectives represent the “Core Values” of the Rocky Mountain Taekwon-Do Alliance.

These are:

  • Enhanced Member Opportunities
    RMTA members receive access to additional on-line resources that enhance and supplement traditional training routines.

  • Enabling Member Schools
    The RMTA offers "cloud-based" (on-line) tools that allow school owners to simplify the day-to-day activities of running their Taekwon-Do school.

  • Extended Privilege and Empowerment
    RMTA Instructors certified within the “Framework”, are empowered to organize, market and deliver RMTA programs and services across the membership.

  • Top-Down Organizational Services and Benefits
    The RMTA organization is “tooled” and developed from the ground-up to maintain and provide standards of Taekwon-Do technique, certification standards, certification management, event promotion, business class services and more.


The Alliance Vision

The mission of the Alliance is set to enable growth of its members, member schools and affiliates through an open, standards-based environment that extends privilege and authority to its members for the purpose of spreading Taekwon-Do growth and vision as left by the legacy of its founder, General Choi Hong Hi.




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