Membership Opportunities

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The Rocky Mountain Taekwon-Do Alliance options that benefit both registered organization members as well as Taekwon-Do School owners and affiliate members.


Member Opportunities

Membership Opportunities

Organization Members

Organization membership is offered through yearly subscription models and programs that offer additional services and features for all types of members (students, black belts, instructors, and school owners). The RMTA goes above and beyond to enable and grow its student, black belt and instructor members.

Membership benefits include access to on-line:

  • Color Belt and Black Belt training requirements;
  • Complete documentation on Taekwon-Do stances;
  • Step-by-Step guides for
    • ALL ITF Taekwon-Do patterns;
    • Complete details on all Taekwon-Do stances from 10th Gup to 7th Dan;
    • Complete details of all sparring types (i.e.  1/2/3-step sparring, semi-free sparring, model sparring, foot sparring, etc);
  • Extensive on-line libraries for:
    • Color and Black Belt hand and foot techniques
    • Pressure Points; and
    • Weapons Defense

While memberships are available for both color and black belt students, ANY student may choose to subscribe to the Black Belt membership to receive the full benefits of ALL membership content.

Explore the membership plans below to see what is right for you, your students or your school.


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