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Boundless Possibilities

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No Boundaries...

That’s what you get as a member within the Rocky Mountain Taekwon-Do Alliance. Freedom of choice and direction are core values that allow every Alliance or affiliate member to leverage and utilize.

Individual student members (and affiliates) are extended a wealth of on-line tools and resources to enhance their growth in Taekwon-Do and beyond.


These tools encompass:

  • Traditional grading requirements information;
  • Enhanced detail on patterns execution and demonstration;
  • Detailed illustration of stances and step sparring; and
  • Numerous articles and multimedia detailing Taekwon-Do, technique, practice, philosophy and more.

The availability of these resources provides a launch pad from which Taekwon-Do growth can explode regardless of the student’s rank or experience.

No Barriers…

Black belts choosing the path of an Alliance “Certified Instructor” are enabled to develop, promote and market the same seminars, classes and events that delivered the original certification. These programs and opportunities are focused on:

  • Empowering Alliance members to conduct events that drive Alliance approved certifications and events;
  • Direct incentives resultant from said events to the event promoters with marginal uplift to the organization; and
  • Enhance overall Alliance growth and membership.

Through the Alliance framework, certified Instructors are enabled and encouraged to sponsor and host these events which directly enable individual Alliance Instructors, schools and members alike.

Not just for Alliance Members...

Affiliate members can also benefit from the on-line resources as well in the same manner as an individual Alliance member, instructor or school.


The Alliance does not require direct membership in order to … Collaborate, Share and Grow.

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